Response: Just Say No To Granny Panties

I have received a number of comments from women who have expressed displeasure with my article “Attraction Killer 2 – Just Say No” In my previous article, I expressed a common feeling among men and that was men do not find grannie panties attractive.  In fact, most men would love it, if women would just stop wearing them all together.  Since I received so many comments, I thought I would delve a little further into the philosophy behind this website and why men want women to stop wearing grannie panties.

1) Christine commented “men are so quick to judge a woman and complain about what is sexy vs what isn’t… generally men could stand to step up their style and sex appeal up a notch or ten. particularly the out of shape beer gut who expect a perfect body on a woman.”

I completely agree.  In fact, I always take a girlfriend clothes shopping.  I will even have a girlfriend help me to pick out new underwear.  Not because I can’t do it myself.  I want to look attractive for my partner and I would prefer to get something that they would find me attractive in.  Just as my partner should want to look attractive for me.

This does not mean you have to drag boyfriend out every time you want to go shopping.  This is just something to keep in the back of your mind when you are shopping.  If you find a pair of armpit hugging panties, just do yourself and your boyfriend a favour and leave them where you found them.

2) As for the beer gut men, I have one friend who is overweight, doesn’t workout, has terrible acne and yellowish teeth from smoking.  Despite these physical deficits, he expects absolute physical perfection in the women he wants to date.  What is the result, he is in his early forties and hasn’t had a date in over 10 years! Guys like that usually weed themselves out of the dating pool, so don’t waste any time worrying about them.

Don’t use the excuse that there are men in this world who don’t look after themselves as a reason for you to not have to look after yourself.  The whole point is to be better then those type of men, so you can find a quality man who will want to improve himself on the inside while always trying to look sexy for you.

3) You don’t have to take any of the opinions shared on this site.  Nobody on this site is forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.  The whole point of this website is to let women know what men are really thinking.  We are providing the honest answers you may not want to hear, but you need to hear.

Most men will not tell a woman they’re dating, that there is something about their wardrobe that they find unattractive.  Telling a woman something like that will just lead to a huge argument (something every man tries to avoid).  Instead, the man will keep his mouth shut and hope the problem rectifies itself.  If it doesn’t change,  he’ll slowly begin to look else where.

So you can keep wearing granny panties, but just know your boyfriend doesn’t find it the least bit attractive and it bothers men when women refuse to wear perfectly acceptable alternatives (full back panties, boy shorts).  Even when these alternatives are perfectly comfortable during that time of the month.

With that said you can wear granny panties, but before you do just ask yourself one question:

Would you be happy if your boyfriend wore underwear all the way to his nipples?

If you said Yes, you are lying.  There is a reason men call these nipple rubbers, granny panties…because grannies in their Nineties are supposed to be wearing them.  Not young women in the prime of their lives.  So remember you will have years to wear grannie panties, when you’re old, confined to a seniors home and your family refuses to come visit you.  When that day comes you can spend everyday of the rest of your life in the comfort of your granny panties.  Until that day comes, can we at least keep the waistband of your panties around your waist.

I love reading everyone’s comments, so please keep your comments coming (positive & negative) and I’ll have the guys respond back to you


Paul Wright


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