Why Are Men Jerks

I was out and about last night when I met this attractive woman in her early twenties. One thing I noticed was she was wearing a heart shaped necklace. If there is one thing I know about women, that is women don’t buy themselves heart shaped jewelry. This meant someone else must have given it to her, so I inquired as to who gave it to her. She said her ex-boyfriend gave it to her as a present and that it was one of the sweetest gifts she has ever received. Sadly they broke up a week later, as she realized that she had no interest in him. As she said “He was just too nice.”

I can’t tell you how many stories I hear like this from female friends about the guys they date and male friends about the women they date. I have even had these types of experiences. I’ve been on tons of dates where the women have told me that they have never been treated so well, by doing such things as opening the door, bringing flowers, walking on the outside of the road, etc. Despite how shocked they are by my gestures, it only seems to cause them to lose interest.

It would seem that many women believe that a guy who is nice must be:
1) Extremely interested in her to go above and beyond
2) Desperate with low self esteem issues
3) Lowly sought after by other women

This is when the nice guy turns in the jerk. Guys learn that being a genuinely nice person sends mixed signals to women. Women view men trying to be nice as too eager, instead of it just being a part of a man’s personality. This leads men to not return phone calls, not open doors, forget flowers or any form of romance, that behavior will cause a woman to lose interest.

If you spend a lot of time saying “Why are men such jerks?” take a look at this video. You might realize that in your past, you have pushed away the nice guy because you thought he was too eager. This of course has caused the attraction to guys that act like jerks.

Paul Wright

One thought on “Why Are Men Jerks

  1. Olivia
    September 25, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Sometimes guys start out nice and end up in your pants, then leave you. Not that I believe all nice guys are like that. I think nice guys just don’t realize that sometimes the girl JUST ISN’T INTERESTED. Then soon they become the jerks because they can’t respect a woman’s decision. Or sometimes you;re right a girl can be stupid and shady and go for the wrong kind of guy.

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