What Men Find Attractive Part 2

I just wanted to send out this quick note on one thing men find attractive about women and that is hair. Very and I mean very few men find short hair on women attractive. Men find medium to long hair attractive on women. Even a woman who has a bit more of a masculine face can still look very feminine with longer hair. There is just something about how the hair frames the face that makes a woman’s face more feminine and attractive to men.

Also a nice shinny soft head of long locks gives a woman a more youthful look as many women cut their hair shorter as they get older. My only guess is as a woman gets older she doesn’t want to have to deal with all the hassles of having long hair. The washing, the drying and styling can take hours. A much easier solution is to just cut it off. Don’t get me wrong, I can understand how from a work perspective that its easier to have short hair. Keep in mind, if you are looking to meet a man or just keeping your man’s interest then trust me when I say most men prefer medium to longer hair. If you have short hair then its time you start growing it out.

Also try and keep your hair colours to more natural tones. I know many women may think dyeing their hair a neon red, a flashy purple or a lime green is fun but it really just sends out the message to men that you are not serious. That all you want to do is have fun and party. Which is fine, if that is all you want. If you do want a man to take you seriously for relationship material, then you need to stick with the regular hair colours found in nature. That may sound boring but it is what men are attracted too.


Paul Wright


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