The Biggest Attraction For Men

What is the biggest factor about a woman, that attracts men more then anything else.  I know what most women are thinking, that men are all about the physical appearance, so it must be the breasts.  Its true that the biggest attractant for men is physical, but despite how much men love breasts, its not the attribute that gets a man to approach a woman.  Of course, a nice behind is always at the top of the list, but its hard to see when a woman is sitting on it.  While the eyes are the key to the soul, they are very hard to look into from across the room.  The best physical attribute to attract a man is a big smile!

It is genetically ingrained in men from when we were cavemen to be attracted to a woman’s smile.  A big smile while showing your teeth is a sign of acceptance and welcoming.  Don’t forget that a smile also shows that you are a friendly, happy and fun person to be around.  These are all characteristics that men want to be around.

While I don’t know the exact statistic, in my neck of the woods, most of the women do not smile on a day to day basis.  I’m not sure if this is because these women are worried about losing the elasticity in their facial skin that will lead to wrinkles or if they are just genuinely miserable people, but for some reason women don’t smile.

Don’t worry about whether or not you have the best body in the room or if someone else is looking better then you are when you go out.  The reason you don’t have to worry about those women, is because they are going to spend most of their time making sure they look perfect, with a very concerned concentrated look on their face.  While you can spend your time, focusing on having fun and enjoying yourself.  This will lead to a big smile that will draw men in like a homing beacon.  Think of your smile like a signal, that lets men know its ok to talk to you.  If you want an upper hand on your competition, just smile and every man in the room will notice you over everybody else.


Paul Wright



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