Is Change A Good Thing In A Relationship?

Yes and no! I know many women absolutely love change. They love to keep their hairstyle fresh and exciting, new clothes, jewelry, furniture and even locations can be on the menu for a change. Which can all be good, when done in moderation.

However, if you are in a serious relationship and you are planning to make a huge change (ex cutting off all your hair) then I highly suggest that you include your partner. This can help to keep your relationship healthy. Just like you want to be included on any major purchases your partner makes, so you both feel like you have a say in the relationship.

Your partner would like to be involved in any major decisions that you might what to make. While I know its your image and your body, you have to remember men are visual creatures. Its a huge shock to a man’s system to see the woman they love suddenly with no hair. Visually it can affect their appeal and emotionally it can hurt them to know you didn’t even think about asking them.

Just have a look at the video below to see how a major change can blow a man away.


Paul Wright

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