If You Don’t Want The Truth, Don’t Ask The Question

I don’t know how many times I have gotten into an argument with an ex-girlfriend because they asked a question and when I gave my honest reply they became upset.  I’m going to save you and your boyfriend, future boyfriend and/or husband a huge amount of time.  If knowing what your partner really thinks upsets you or you only want to hear what it is that you want to hear then don’t ask the question!

I remember watching “The View” a tv show where five women get together and talk about current events.  Normally I don’t watch this show, but as I was flipping through the channels I came across it and they were discussing things men look for in a woman they want to date.  There guest was a male comedian who was providing some commentary from his viewpoint.

After a few minutes of discuss the female group turned to the male comedian and asked him want he finds important in a woman he dates.  One of the things he mentioned that attracted him to his wife was that she was attractive and took pride in her appearance.

Once that left his mouth four out of the five women erupted on him and began talking about how that was the problem with men and superficial men are.  The conversation didn’t die down until the last woman who had not spoken up said I don’t think it’s right to ask our guest for his opinion and then criticize him because he didn’t say what we wanted him to say.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ask these questions, or have these discussions, but don’t snap at your boyfriend for sharing an honest opinion with you. What that leads too is your boyfriend closing himself off and teach him that lying to you is the best policy.  And we all know lying is not what you want in your relationship.

Now with that said I would hope that your boyfriend would have more common sense than the guy in this video.  Honesty is good but obviously everyone needs to strap on the filter from time to time.  I definitely had a good laugh as I know guys who talk like this when their girlfriends are not around. I hope it gives you a good laugh.


Paul Wright


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