Do Men Want Younger Women

do all men want younger womenI hear women talk about how all men only want young women. This could not be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of guys who will only date women who are at least 10 years younger then themselves. Personally these types of guys are doing you a favor by not wanting to date you. The main reason these types of guys want to date such young women is because they have not reached a point of wanting to grow up themselves.

Would you want to date a guy who is 55 years old and has the maturity of an 18 year old.  This would be why he only dates girls in their early 20s. Its called Peter Pan Syndrome when a guy only wants to date women who are 10 – 30 years younger then themselves. They just don’t want to face or deal with the pressure that comes with growing up. The idea that they might have to leave their single life and commit to a serious relationship that might lead to marriage is just not an option for them.

Let Peter Pan stay in “Neverland”, because that is what his life will be.

* He will never grow up

* Never get married

* Never be truly happy

* And never find love.  He will move from one superficial relationship as quickly as he changes underwear.

Instead of being mad or resentful at Peter, realize he has saved you a lot of time, energy and heartbreak by not dating you.  Now you can focus on the men that want to date a woman just like you. If these other men don’t want younger women, what is it that they want?

Happy, Healthy and Youthful looking Women!

Youthful – There is a big difference between looking for younger women and looking for a youthful looking woman.  I have met many women who I have mistaken to be in their mid 20s when in fact they were in their 40s. I have also seen the reverse where a woman in her 20s, who has lived her entire adult life on a diet of alcohol and drugs has caused her to look like she is in her early 50s.  Believe me must guys would rather date someone closer to their own age, who they can relate to and have a conversation with then some young girl who wants to party every night.

Does this mean you have to always look like you are 20? No, just try to look good for your age.  The problem comes when people think you are in your 70s when you are only in your 40s.

Healthy – Men are genetically designed to search out and find healthy women (not young) to have children with.  The key is healthy.  Only a healthy woman will be able to become pregnant, be able to carry that child to term and survive childbirth.

Really what men are subconsciously looking for is a woman that is genetically strong enough to give birth to a healthy strong child and be able to help raise that child.  How do men determine this, by how healthy that person may appear.  This is something that he subconsciously searches for, even men who don’t want to have children still bide by this law of attraction.

Happy –  There are few things in this world that men find more attractive then a big bright smile on a woman’s face.  We are in constant search of it, that is why we always try to crack jokes and make you laugh when we talk to you.  Nothing brightens up a room more then a smile from a woman.  To see you happy makes us happy.

The sad thing is in today’s fast paced living, so few women actually smile on a regular basis (depending on where you live).  Many believe by smiling that it is inviting strangers into their personal space so to protect themselves they limit their smiling to closed quarters.  Men find it very hard to resist a woman with a smile on her face, so if you want men to find raise up your flag by flashing your pearly whites.

Don’t worry about your wrinkles when smiling, most men will never notice.  Men are not very detailed focused.  He may not notice what colour your eyes are, or what colour your outfit was, but he will always be able to remember that smile on your face.  When he thinks back on you during the tough times, that is what he will remember the most.

Do young women have the monopoly on the youthful, healthy, happy look? No, in fact any woman can obtain this look simply by loving and taking care of yourself while keeping a positive happy attitude.  If you are happy and healthy the youthful look will radiate from you.  This will draw men of all ages to you and they will not be concerned with your age.


Paul Wright

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  1. Jenniczyk
    May 20, 2011 at 9:23 am

    I like the distinction between “youthful” and “young”. Good to know.

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