Worst Valentine’s Presents

Here are some of the worst Valentine’s presents that men I have spoken with have received. Why these guys were not totally ungrateful for the thought, they did wonder if any thought had been put into the gifts.

Flowers – I have said this before and I will say this again.  Men like gifts that do things.  For example: tools, techy items, workout equipment, things for cars, etc.  Flowers stay in one place and die after a couple of days.  They don’t ever do anything from a man’s point of view.

Pen – While true a pen does do something, its not exactly something that is going to get a man feeling all romantic on the inside.  Plus I’m sure he already owns a bunch of pens and even a couple of really nice ones.

Kissing Class – Giving your boyfriend a kissing class on Valentine’s day is not romantic, its insulting.  “Hey, I love you so much I want you to kiss better”  Ryan’s girlfriend of two years, surprised him with a kissing class on Valentine’s Day. Apparently, she said he was not a bad kisser, she just thought it would be a romantic and fun idea.  According to Ryan, she clearly didn’t think too much about the gift, because it wasn’t romantic or fun sitting in a room with a bunch of strangers kissing.

Her Favorite Chocolates – Jay received a gift of his girlfriends favorite chocolates. She proceeded to eat all the chocolates throughout the night leaving him with only one.  When he asked why she would do that, she explained that “He didn’t even like chocolate!” Which makes you wonder why you would then buy it for him.

Tacky Valentine’s Products – This would be any product that is made specifically for Valentine’s Day that you would buy at starbucks, a drugstore or giftcard store.  Items such as stuff hearts, stuffed monkeys holding hearts saying “I love you,” pens with hearts on them, heart shaped books that tell you the 100 different ways to love someone.  Pretty much anything heart shaped can be put in this category.  This crap just clutters up our homes, because if we threw it out you think we are jerks and that we don’t love you. Really we just never wanted this crap in the first place.

Save yourself some time and money and avoid these gifts at all costs, otherwise you will be doomed to repeat the same mistake these women have made before you.

Don’t get me wrong men give terrible Valentine’s day gifts as well.  What are some of the worst gifts you have received on Valentine’s Day from your current or past boyfriends?  Share with the world how stupid some men are really be, just leave your comment below.


Paul Wright

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