Work Together For A Happy Relationship

The main thing most men are looking for in a future partner is someone who they can have a “Partnership” with. What I mean by this, is someone who you can create a future with. Life will constantly throw struggles and obstacles in your way. Everyday you wake up there is another struggle that needs to be overcome.

Everyday Struggles For Men:
* Finding a better job
* Taxes
* Competing for promotions
* Saving money and dealing with stock market shifts
* Housing difficulties
* Family traumas

Many of the struggles that men face are the exact same struggles that women face. In a world where everybody is desperately climbing over each other trying to reach the top these struggles can feel overwhelming and very unique to the individual. Sadly, we all face them.

Having a partner that helps a man work through these struggles is what every man looks for. I’m not talking about a person who will just hold his hand while he struggles but actually gets their hands dirty by helping him solve the problem.

Let me give you an example:

I know one guy who hated his job, but things were very tight with finances. It can be very difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when things are difficult. While dealing with a crappy job and having a hard time to make ends meet, this guy was not feeling overly good about himself. His confidence and with his confidence was a huge lack of energy. The idea of looking for other work seemed like an impossible task, not to mention he would probably be stuck working a worst job. Things were not looking up for him.

That was until his wife sat him down with three different job interviews. She knew he was struggling and was suffering from some pretty bad self confidence. She also knew what an amazing, intelligent and hard working man he was and that any company would be happy to have him.

In her spare time, she wrote a glowing resume highlighting all of the skills he tended to overlook. She then applied for a number of jobs he wouldn’t have felt confident enough to apply for. She communicated with the companies and set up interviews. Not only is she supportive of her husband, but she works with him to create that bright future together. This is a prime example of what I am talking about when I say working together in a partnership.

Are partner is there to support us and help to pick us up when we are down. They help to do the things we might not be able to do, this is why partnerships are so strong.

My second example should show you what I am not talking about:

This other friend I have dated a woman who loved being the devil’s advocate. Any time they had a conversation, she turned it into an argument. It didn’t matter what the conversation was about she always picked the opposing view point. Even if he eventually changed his mind, she would take the opposite view.

It got to the point where he didn’t want to be around her because she caused him more stress than everything else he was facing. Not to mention, that she provided no help with the daily stresses because she would always argue about the issues with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t express your opinion with your partner, but constantly locking horns doesn’t help anybody. Especially when someone is already overwhelmed with other difficult issues, the last thing he wants is to add more stress onto his plate. There is a big difference between providing a different perspective and arguing for the hell of it.

I’m sure you have probably noticed that you can actually see the difference in relationships where both partners work together in the relationship and where both partners struggle against each other. You can’t fly like an eagle when you have an octopus constantly trying to pull you under. If you help your man soar, the both of you will be able to fly together.

I’m sure you would rather have a partner that works to help you through your struggles over someone who just adds more stress and work to your already stressful life. Be what you want to receive.


Paul Wright

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