Why Men Don’t Just Tell The Truth

Just the other day I was watching the TV show “The View.” If you have not seen it, basically four women sit around a table and discuss current topics from different views of the female population.  Sometimes I will sit down and watch because I’m interested in hearing the female view point.  Hearing the view point of the opposite sex opens a ton of doors, because it allows you to understand and be able to empathize better with your own partner.  Hence why I always spend more time listening to my female friends then talking.

So despite having four co-hosts the view enjoys having a guest co-host to join them and share in providing input for the day.  The show I watched brought on a male comedian (who’s name I have forgotten), who I’m sure they hoped would heat up the commentary.  At some point, the conversation turned to what men are attracted too in women.  Each women gave her honest opinion, suggesting humor was the most sought after quality for men.  However, when it came time for the man to voice his opinion he stated that he wanted a beautiful woman that would make all his friends jealous.  On hearing this the women erupted into an angry mob chastising the man for sharing his honest opinion.

I have to admit, I was shocked he even said anything.  It is a well known fact held by many men; don’t share your honest opinion about what is attractive about women because women will just get upset. The male comedian on the view thought they wanted his honest opinion and once they started biting his head off he realized the mistake he made.  He kept his mouth shut, until one of the women on the view (I don’t watch it enough to know their names) actually said “Maybe the reason why are not honest with women is because we get upset and angry every time they are”

She is right, its called “classical conditioning” If you get angry every time he shares his honest opinion with you, don’t be surprised when he just starts telling you what you want to hear.  Which may sound sweet, but its a complete lie.  You may not even be doing this, but if you see any other females getting angry at a man for sharing his honest opinion, you need to step up and tell her to stop.  I have had a few girl friends who I’m sure would not be upset about me sharing my honest opinion, but I have learned from women in and out of relationships honesty in some areas with women is not the best policy.

“Yes, you look fat in those pants.  In fact its not the pants that make you look fat, your fat makes you look fat. That is not me being judgmental that is basic biology”

“Do I think your friend who is in amazing shape and always dresses nice is more attractive then you?  Well lets see, baggy sweat pants seem to be your everyday uniform, your hair never leaves a bun, you think exercise and makeup is some form of a foreign language. So yes, yes I do find your friend more attractive then you.”

I know for a fact, that I will be attacked just for making those two comments that were being said to nobody.  How do I know this because of comments that have been made about honest opinions we have shared on the Decoding Men network in the past. I know the opinions shared may not be popular or well liked by the female audience, but they are the truth about the majority of men.  Instead of trying to understand the male opinion many women choose to lash out at the person sharing the message.  Here are just some of the comments we have received:

“That was the biggest load of garbage I read.”

“i hope this is a joke. this would be the most basic mouth breather type of dude.”

“How sad. After centuries, the male gender still has not evolved”

“This is a bunch of bologna!”

“you guys are idiots”

One reason men lie is because women get angry and we would like to avoid angry women at all costs.  However, this does not lead to a loving relationship because men are constantly having to lie.  The best way to avoid this type of scenario is to either never ask a question where you will become upset if he gives you an answer you do not like or accept a man’s honest opinion and use that information to better understand men.  Now this is just one reason why men lie, for a full look into the deeper issues that cause men to like check out “Why Men Lie” by clicking here


Paul Wright

Why Men Lie

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