Why Guys Like Breasts

This is a very common question and one not easily answered except but here are three reasons why guys like breasts:

1) Men don’t have breasts.  I’m sure you have noticed that many people in life, desire what they don’t have.  Well men don’t have breasts, so this does cause us to gravitate to them more.

2) I would say the main reason men like breasts so much is because they help to give women those beautiful lovely feminine curves.  Men are genetically designed to be attracted to those curves. Its those curves that give women a much different more feminine look to their body.  Where do those feminine curves start? At the breasts.

3) Men are attracted to every part of a woman’s body. The problem men have with breasts is that they are within eyesight when talking with a woman.  A man catches a beautiful feminine curve from the corner of his eye and his brains tells him, he needs to get a more accurate look.

In a man’s defense, I’m sure women would have a very hard time if a man had a giant bum on his forehead.  Of course, you know you shouldn’t look, but considering its out there, sometimes you just have to have a look.  Its human nature.

As for ways to stop men from starring at your breasts, just listen to what Dan has to say.


Paul Wright


As a guy, I have never had to participate in a conversation where the other party spoke only to my chest. However, I confess that as a younger man I did find myself speaking to a girl’s breasts once or twice. But that was it. Honest. I’m not proud of the fact, but I have to acknowledge it. What brings me some small comfort is the knowledge that I wasn’t the first to do so, and I am pretty sure I won’t be the last. So why is it that guys can seem to become distracted by the sight of a woman’s curves so easily?

To put it very simply, guys are visual creatures. The same capacity we have for sitting in front of a TV regardless of what is on means that at our worst we will probably make a bigger deal of how tight your T-shirt is than we will of the depth of the conversation. It’s not that we’re perverts, or all have one-track minds. It’s just that we prioritize visual stimulus over any others in most instances and that can lead to a loss of focus when we’re talking to a pretty girl. So women need to understand how to handle this predilection and even make use of it.

First of all, if you don’t want a guy to give you that kind of attention, don’t give him reason to. I’ll be the last one to claim that a woman’s clothing determines how she should be treated, but if you have yards of skin on show it is going to be very difficult for any man to focus on the finer points of your conversation. If you want a guy to appreciate your intellect, then a plunging neckline is probably going to work against you. Consider what it is that you want your partner to take the most notice of, and try not to sabotage that target by presenting something visually more enticing.

That said, the same inclination in guys can give you a head start in holding his attention. If weather and setting allows, it becomes very easy to rivet his attention by dressing to attract it. There is a distinction of course between being seductive and looking cheap, but even erring on the side of caution you can still captivate your partner with the right length skirt and right fitting top. It is simply about remembering that the eyes are second only to the stomach as key to a man’s heart.

In a world where twenty foot tall billboards of supermodels adorn the freeway, we guys have a lot to look at. However, we would rather notice someone real who notices us than any plastic stereotype. Just realize how important looking is to us and make sure that you give the guy you want looking enough of the right reasons to.


Dan Kelly


2 thoughts on “Why Guys Like Breasts

  1. imogen
    May 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    you know, technically males do have breasts – man boobs! lol

    not that they are attractive by any means, but anyway…

  2. Jenniczyk
    May 19, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    I see your points, but the ultimate question remains – do men like real or fake breasts more?

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