Why Am I Single?

Just the other night I got together with some friends of mine and we all decided to go out for a few drinks. Both of my friends are single and now being in their early 30s are looking to find women to have a more serious relationship with. We had one of the strangest nights out that we have ever had. I was absolutely shocked by the type of women we were meeting. I thought I would share with everybody why these women are still single as that tends to be a common question I am asked by women.

Drunken Swearing Truckers:

We all decided to meet up at a local restaurant that has the nicest patio here in Vancouver. The weather was beautiful so it was perfect to sit outside and eat. Fairly close to us were three very attractive women sitting at the bar. All during dinner men were approaching these women obviously trying to pick them up. I was shocked at how none of these guys stuck around very long. Lets say I was shocked until I decided to pay a little more interest into what these women were talking about.

First they were all drunk and it was only 8:30 at night. I have to admit I did have a hard time understanding exactly what they were saying through all the slurring and swearing. If I had closed my eyes, it would have been hard to tell that they were women as they sounded more like a gang of angry truckers. Once I heard this I could understand why so many men were coming and going.

Drunk Sex Obsessed Cougar:

Next we went to a nice lounge where we would be able to just sit down, relax and talk. Shortly after arriving a woman I will call Julie approached us clearly inebriated. Notice how this is a common theme through the whole article. Within the first five minutes of meeting her, she began to explain to me about her high sex drive, her need for masturbation everyday, the fact she has three vibrators and how she has even created her own cleaning system for her vibrators much like how a barber cleans his combs.

Now its true men love sex, but this type of behavior attracts the wrong type of guy.  A that just wants to have sex would love this sex obsessed drunk woman.  A guy that is looking for a serious relationship may be attracted to this woman because of sex, but he will automatically eliminate her for any serious relationship.

Now for if you are offended by this, I can understand that. Remember I’m just the messenger, telling a true story. The important point is to learn from it.

Angry Bitter Drunk Ex-Girlfriend

Leaving that lounge we decided to meet up with other friends at another lounge. Once there I met a female friend of a friend. Again she was extremely drunk and before I could even say “nice to meet you” She began telling me how her ex-boyfriend was a jerk, treated her like crap, and how she just wanted to go buy a gun and shoot him. First off clearly too much information for a person you just met and secondly why would anybody want to be around someone so angry, bitter and clearly unstable.

Now its true I don’t know what the boyfriend did to cause her to act like this, but after only knowing her for 5 seconds I don’t need to know.  I didn’t need to know any of this I just wanted to say “Nice to meet you.”

Once I heard this I realized that it was time to call it quits for the night.

Why Did I Decide To Tell This Story…

Well I think its important to point out one common factor among all these women. They were all drunk. They clearly had far too much to drink and because of this it was causing them to act in very strange ways. I’m sure all of these women are absolutely amazing people when they are sober, the problem is many people today associate having fun to be directly connected to being drunk. The problem is when a person is drunk their inhibitions are lowered and it causes them to say and do extremely stupid things. Things they would not normally do in their regular life.

If you are looking to meet a man its important that you restrict your drinking to a minimum. You never know when Mr. Right could bump into you. If you act like any of these women he is going to have a hard time realizing that you might be the right one for him. Especially when all you can talk about is masturbation, dildos and shooting ex-boyfriends.

That said, if you can never go out with your friends and have fun without drinking you might have a bigger problem then you think. It might be more important that you find help with that problem before you try and get into a serious relationship.

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Paul Wright

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  1. lilly
    November 13, 2013 at 5:19 am

    And the truth shall set you free. I can’t agree more with this article. I’ve had male friends say the same things on their nights out.

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