What Are Men And Women Really Saying?

What are men and women really sayingI have to admit one thing I absolutely love to do is eavesdrop on a group of women’s conversations.  I know its a bad thing and not something you are supposed to do, but it fascinates me to no end how quickly women can turn on each other.

An entire group of girls will spend hours complimenting one woman’s choice of attire, only to agree that the choice was horrible once the friend goes to the bathroom.  Its almost as if women feel to be a good friend is to support and compliment their friends to help boost their confidence even if it means to flat out lie to them.  It does even have to be out and about, facebook has made this form of socializing to a whole new level.

I will be talking to a girl friend, listening to her complain about how horrible one of her friends is.  The next day, she is posting on this horrible friends facebook page how awesome she is and they just have to get together soon <3

Men on the other hand, insult each other as a sign of fondness.  If you know each other well enough you can get away with calling each other the most terrible things under the sun.  Both get a good laugh and it strengthens the bond between the two.  If a guy has chosen to wear a terrible shirt for a night out, a good male friend will tell him straight out to change. Even if it means telling him that he looks creepy pedophile and no woman will ever sleep with him if he walked out of the house wearing it.  Sure there will be an odd pause followed by laughter and a desire to change the shirt.  In a sense the friend is saying “I’m insulting you because I love you and I’m just trying to help.”

No method is better than the other, its just how men and women communicate differently.  And knowing how we communicate differently is half the battle.


Paul Wright

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