Single Mom Statistics That Will Shock You

According to the National Health Statistics Report of 2013 it would appear that single mothers have become the new norm. 40.7% of all births in America have been to single women.  Now I’m sure you know an unexpected pregnancy can be very difficult for a relationship, well according to the stats its becoming even more difficult for the soon to be mothers.

Despite better and more readily available forms of birth control, the chances of a woman becoming pregnant within a cohabiting relationship has increased to 19%. What makes this difficult is that the National Health Statistics Report found that both men and women have lower standards for people they are willing to live with, when compared to people they are willing to marry.  Then add into the mix that marriage is no longer as popular as it once was.  This means that if a woman becomes pregnant during a cohabiting relationship she only has a 19% of getting married.

This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if it wasn’t for the fact a marriage that has come from a premarital birth is 33% less likely to last 15 years compared to a married couple that has a child after marriage.  Again this may be due to the fact that both partners likely felt their cohabiting partner was fine to live with for a while to make life easier for the both of them but they were not marriage material.  An unexpected pregnancy and the couple now feels they need to stay together for the children.  Add in the strain of raising a newborn child with someone who does not match your criteria for a spouse and the chances of a relationship surviving shrinks.

Don’t become a statistic, use this knowledge to learn from and help guide you to make decisions with the men in your love life.

Single Mom Statistics

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