Question: What Does It Mean When He Says “I Wish…”


What does it mean when a man says “I wish you lived closer babe”

Paul’s Opinion

It really depends on the context of when and how he says this. Obviously you are sharing a long distance kind of relationship with this person, which is becoming more popular these days with more people spending more time in online dating.

If he constantly is trying to talk to you and always wants to share his day with you. Lets you know that he misses you and it upsets him that you live so far away than when he says he wishes you lived closer that is truly what he means. He wants you to live closer so he can be with you.

Now if he is never around to talk too, never responds to your messages, and only talks about sex than what he means is he wishes you were closer so he could have sex with you. But since you are not closer that isn’t going to stop him from finding someone else to date or have sex with.

While this comment can seem very straight forward, the meaning behind the comment will always be found in the man’s actions. A man that wants a relationship will want to spend as much time with you as possible even if it is long distance. A guy will be logged onto skype all day just waiting to be able to talk to you. He will want to share his life with you, even if you are miles away.

If a guy wants to just have sex, he will come online once in a blue moon, rarely talk to you about your life and share even less of his life. Keep an eye on his actions, when trying to figure out what he means by what he is saying.

I hope that answers your question.


Paul Wright

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