Never Believe What A Man Says

While all men can agree that there is very little we know about women, there is one thing we do know.  Women fall in love with what they hear. Now if you take that knowledge and add in the fact that 90% of men are looking for sex on a continual basis you can start understanding why guys lie.  By saying what a woman wants to hear a complete slimy creep can actually convince her to have sex with him.  This is the type of guy most women wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole on his best day.  I hope you can see why most men will flat out say any ridiculous lie that comes to the top of their head in an effort to get a woman to have sex with them.

Of course, many women are catching onto the lies, so men are going the extra mile by providing proof of their lies.  I know lots of guys that dress up in suits walk around the city until they find a sports car they like and get a picture taken on their phone.  One guy didn’t find that worked to well, so he went the extra mile and had business cards made up saying he was an architect. Then to add to the car photo, he had pictures of himself on a rented yacht, on ski trips, on exotic beaches, etc…

Another guy, bought a very expensive SUV and has a friend pretend that he is his chauffeur and the condo he lives in is just the one he stays in when he is in on business.  My last example went as far as to rent a pilot flight suit from a costume shop and attended the local air show.  Then he had a friend take a bunch of photos with him and one of the jets.  These guys believe that making their lives seem better then it really is will convince a woman that they are worth having sex with.

How can you find out this guy is lying? Its actually very easy, give him time.  Time is a lairs worst enemy.  The more time he has to spend with you, the bigger the chance of his lie revealed from a mistake he may make. Don’t sleep with him until you are in a monogamous relationship and can confirm that everything he has said is true. There are holes in every lie and eventually his lies will unfold like a deck of cards.  All you need to do is give him the time to hang himself with his lies.

Here is a funny video that shows the stupid things men will say in an effort to have sex.  What is the worst lie you have ever heard from a guy?  Just leave a comment below.


Paul Wright


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