Men When They Are Sick

I thought you might find this funny, but at the same time there is a good lesson to be learned.  When men get sick we do become giant babies (that’s not the lesson, but it is true).  We absolutely hate it when we are not feeling 100%.  It is at this point when we are at our weakest that we look for comfort.  How you react will determine how he will view you in the future.  Most women will call to make sure the man is still alive, but is about as far as their comfort goes.

That is why when a woman goes above and beyond for the man when he is sick is truly unique and special.  Its moments like this that cause a man to recognize that the woman he is dating is far more special then he ever realized before.  Your comfort, support and affection during such a tough time for a man can cause him to make that jump into commitment.


Paul Wright

One thought on “Men When They Are Sick

  1. Jenniczyk
    May 20, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Haha. I found this out the hard way last time my boyfriend got the flu. I love him, but he turned to mush!

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