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Men Thoughts Behind Closed Doors RevealedI have listened to countless women talk about how special man is and how he would never do anything to hurt her.  While I agree there are good men out there, I think its time I reveal the things the majority of the bad guys say and do behind closed doors.  The reason why I am revealing these things is to teach women to always keep your eyes out for anything suspicious, because in the end it is usually the girlfriend who ends up getting hurt in more ways then one.

** Please note that if you are easily offended this might not be the best article to read as much of the content will be graphic in nature. **

Here are some discussions that I have heard in person.  I am only including phrases that I have heard more then once from different men.

“Blowjobs are not cheating.  Cheating is only when I do something to the girl.  I didn’t even kiss her, so I didn’t cheat.”

Ladies, if a guy is not willing to kiss you he is telling you exactly what he thinks of you.  He thinks very lowly of you and chances are very high he has a girlfriend.  If you are becoming intimate with a guy and he won’t even kiss you, then don’t bother wasting your time with him.

In reference to sleeping with another woman “We haven’t spoken about it, but she knows I can’t just be with one woman”

If you ever have a feeling that your man has lived a wild life with multiple partners or he just seems uncomfortable being in a monogamous relationship, then let then horse go back into the wild.  Do not fight to keep him penned up, because nothing you do is going to change his mind.

For many men this is a biological urge that has been found to be due to low oxytocin and vassopresin receptors.  These men just can not form a strong monogamous bond and will always have problems with that.  Don’t try to change them, instead try and find a man that has high oxytocin and vassopresin receptors, which will cause him to form strong emotional bonds with you.

“She will never find out, I just tell her I have to focus on work because I’m really behind or I have to go on a business trip or I do it on a business trip. What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her”

Oh if only that were true.  Sadly guys like this only ever think about themselves. They have very little time, or energy to be concerned with someone.  I have known a few guys that thought this way only to bring back a special surprise with them that they kindly shared with partner.  Nothing says I missed you like a an outbreak of herpes.

Many of these guys don’t even feel bad once they are discovered, they realize that the relationship is over and just move on.  Again, they have zero ability to empathize with anybody else, so their entire focus is on themselves and their pleasure.  Be careful of overly selfish men!

“No, I didn’t wear a condom. Its ok, she looked clean”

There is no look that is associated with being diseased at the beginning stages.  The fact that these guys would sleep with random women without condoms because they look clean suggests a serious lack of intelligence and zero concern for their health or the health of people they sleep with.

Usually this comment is followed by:

“I hate sex with a condom, it numbs everything”

I truly don’t understand this statement, sex with a condom feels 100x better then no sex.  These guys make it seem like its the end of the world having to wear a condom.  At the same time I can’t believe there are women in this day and age who agree to having sex without a condom.

A woman will contract a sexually transmitted disease 9 times out of 10 from unprotected sex.  Men will contract a sexually transmitted disease 4 times out of 10 from unprotected sex.  Just do to the mechanics of sex, having unprotected sex is not in a woman’s favor.  Do not have unprotected sex with any man.

Most guys won’t tell you that they have had unprotected, but an easy way to find out is by looking at their actions.  If he tries to have unprotected sex with you or begs you to let him have unprotected sex it is usually because he has had lots of unprotected sex in the past or present.  Be very wary!

I didn’t create this article to scare you into thinking that every man is going to cheat on you and that you should never trust another man again.  I revealed these statements so you can keep a lookout for problematic patterns in men.

  • If he doesn’t like kissing
  • Thinks a monogamous relationship is unnatural or has never been in a monogamous relationship
  • Take spur of the moment trips with friends to third world countries (many of these are cheap prostitution getaways)
  • Hate you for forcing him to wear a condom and can’t stop complaining about it
  • Has zero ability to empathize or sympathize with problems in your life
  • Is extremely selfish and self-centered

Then chances are he has lower oxytocin and vassopresin receptors, which cause him to have a difficult time forming strong emotional bonds.  There is nothing you can do to change this so you are better off finding someone else.


Paul Wright

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