Gender Difference In Communication

The difference between the way men and women communicateFrom a man’s perspective this is very true.  When I say something, there really isn’t a hidden agenda or a meaning behind the meaning behind the meaning.  Many a woman has over-analyzed a simple invitation that I have made or a compliment that I have given.  Arguments have ensued due to a man not understanding the hidden meaning of “I’m fine” or “Do what you want”

Its this difference in understanding and communication that needs to be understood to better improve our relationships.  A very simple way to make sure you understand what a guy says is by following his actions.  A man’s actions will normally follow their true intentions.  If his actions hold true to what he says then there is no need not to believe him or to try and dig deeper.

The worst things you can do when dealing with a guy is over thinking a simple conversation.  This will just cause a tail spin of repetitive thinking that will cause a lot of frustration to a very simple answer.


Paul Wright

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