Female Hobbies That Scare Men

When meeting new people one of the first things people ask is “what kinds of things do you like to do?”  Basically they want to know what you are passionate about, what kind of person you are and how you tick.  This way they can get a better understanding of who you are and whether not the both of you will be a match.

There are two interests or hobbies that I hear time and time again from women and that is traveling and fashion.  These two hobbies both confuse and alarm most men and let me tell you why.

Travel:  Everybody likes traveling. Who doesn’t like flying around the world getting to experience new cultures and seeing beautiful locations all while never having to lift a finger.  You don’t have to work, make your own food, or clean up after yourself.  That’s right traveling or as most people call it a “vacation” is not a hobby.  It is a chance to relax, recharge your batteries and reward you for working so hard.

Fashion: Listen, I have nothing against fashion.  I like to dress nice and I appreciate a woman who has a good fashion sense.  However, if you don’t make or design your own clothes, then this is not a hobby.  Going out and buying clothes that other people make is what we all do.  Just because you believe you have more fashion sense then other people, does not mean that you aren’t just buying clothes like everybody else.

Why do men find these hobbies scary, because they signal a lack of understanding about life.  Really what these hobbies are saying is “I love to spend money on anything I like, but that is ok because its a hobby.” Everybody likes nice things, nice new clothes, taking trips around the world, but most people don’t call these activities hobbies.  If these are your only two interests in your life, perhaps its time you add a few more active hobbies to create a more balanced life that men will be more attracted too.


Paul Wright

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