Attraction Killer: Nobody Likes A Baby

When two adults are having a serious discussion or argument, there’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than when one adult reverts to child-like behaviour and allows their emotions to get the best of them. Not only does this ruin any reasonable discussion that could have been, but it discourages future communication on sensitive issues, which ultimately leads to disconnect between the two parties.

Men with bad tempers and oversized egos are often guilty of child-like behaviour during arguments. But this isn’t about those men. This is about the women who during any type of disagreement burst into tears and are rendered completely inconsolable. Ironically, often, it’s these types of women that wonder why their man never talks to them about anything that is bothering them and why there’s a lack of communication in their relationship. Most men appreciate a woman who is in control of her emotions, a woman who doesn’t break down into a sobbing mess anytime there’s a difference of opinion. Now, this is not a case of a men being in-sensitive or cold, this is men wanting to have discussions with an adult and not a child.

Children and babies are for the most part, incapable of controlling their emotions. If a baby is hungry it cries. When children are angry or upset or disagree with what you tell them, they pout, they throw tantrums and they cry. Adults aren’t expected to exhibit child-like control over their emotions. After all, aside from the obvious physical characteristics, that’s part of what makes them adults. It stands to reason then, if a woman is unable to control her emotions then a man’s natural response to avoid situations which elicit a child-like response. The result is the man avoids bringing up issues in the relationship that are bothering him until they reach the boiling point. Obviously, this only leads to an unhealthy relationship.

Arguments and differences of opinion are a natural part of any relationship. But they don’t have to be damaging. They can be reasonable discussions if both parties are willing to engage in them like responsible adults. One of the pet peeves of many men is that during an argument about a particular issue, the woman will randomly bring up another un-related issue that is bothering her. Often times, this will be the first time the woman has brought up this issue. Men hate this for two reasons. First, during a disagreement our main focus is to find a solution to end the disagreement as quickly as possible. So an additional and un-related issue simply complicates the task and causes frustration. Second, it’s annoying because that’s exactly what a child would do. For example, if you ask little Billy to apologize to little Johnny for hitting him, little Billy might say “Well what about when little Johnny stole his dump truck in the sandbox a week ago.” The above is an over-simplified example for effect, but the point should be clear. If your man often throws his hands up in the air in complete frustration during an argument and says “I don’t even know what we’re arguing about anymore,” chances are you’re doing this.

The bottom line is this: A man truly appreciates a woman who they can bring up any issue and have any argument with, without having to worry that the woman will lose control of her emotions, take things personally, or result to bringing up past grievances to skew the conversation. It’s ultimately the difference between dating a woman and dating a little girl. Nobody likes a baby.


John Morgan

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