Alpha Women Who Love Alpha Men

I have a girl friend, who is a very strong independent woman.  She has a very tough exterior and exudes an Alpha mentality in all her interactions, both business and personal.  Her biggest complaint is the fact that all the guys that want to date her are beta males, but she really wants a strong Alpha male in her life.  The problem with that is:

Alpha Males Are Not Attracted To Alpha Females

I hate to say it, but its true.  This isn’t just with dating and relationships, Alphas don’t get along with other Alphas in general.  This is the reason why many reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother and the Apprentice use Alphas as contestants.  They know if you stick a bunch of Alphas in one room that they will all end up fighting.  Each one trying to take control of the situation and lead everybody else.

What To Do If You Are An Alpha Attracted To Alpha Males

There are essentially two things you can do:

1) Learn to become attracted to beta males.  You can’t change the personality of another person, if they are an Alpha and they have a take charge mentality, its just not going to mesh with yours if you are wanting the same thing.  If you are an Alpha and you find yourself taking charge then you need to find a beta male, who desires that.  If you just can’t find yourself being attracted to beta males, then you will have to…

2) Learn to become a beta female.  Listen, I don’t believe anybody should ever have to change who they are. However, if you like Alpha males, you are not attracted to beta males, you are an Alpha female and you know you can’t change another person, then basically that leaves one option.  You have to change your personality to suit what an Alpha Male is looking for.

Now before you bite my head off and demand that Alpha Males should be the ones that change, remember this; Alpha Males are attracted to beta females.  Those personality types match, therefore since those men don’t have any problems finding beta females they don’t have to change.  If you are only attracted to Alpha Males and you refuse to date beta males, then you will have to bite the bullet and make the change.

Life isn’t fair a lot of the times, especially dating and relationships.  I know attraction should fit into this beautiful politically correct box, but many times that is just not the case.  Dating just like life, you have to make a decision on what you want more.  Do you want to lead the way all the time, or do you want to be with a Man that will do that?  You can’t have both.

If you think there is another alternative for Alpha Females to date Alpha Males, please leave a comment below and let everybody know.


Paul Wright


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