Men can be frustrating  and down right confusing to deal with when it comes to dating.  Finding “The One” has become more difficult then ever before especially when dealing with all the jerks, players and mind games.

PBSMy name is Paul Wright and I created this blog to help women to better understand the secrets of men.  To demystify their thoughts, which men do have from time to time.  To uncover their feelings, which do exist no matter how deep they hide them.  To divulge their words and actions which are a completely different language from what women know.

How do I know men?  Well I am a man.  I was born a man. I was raised by a man and grew up along side my brother who is also a man.  My entire life I have watched and studied the interactions of men. From sitting on the playground, to getting ready for the big game in the locker room, attending a high powered business lunch, socializing at the country club or sitting through business meetings.

I have heard everything men say, think and do behind closed doors.  All the secrets they have been hiding and have not wanted women to ever know.

I have even convinced a few male friends to voice their opinions to make sure you don’t just get one opinion.  If you have any questions or problems that you are having with men, please email us. This blog has been created for you, to help you answer all the questions you have about men. All the guys at decoding men will review your question and post each of their answers. All to help you have a better understanding of men.

These are honest answers, from men. Meaning if you don’t want to hear the truth, then don’t ask the question.

Your identity will always be kept private.  If you don’t want your question posted on the decoding men blog for others to see, just let us know when you send your email and we will answer your question privately.

Despite serious objections from friends, we are about to take you into the secret world of men.  You are going to learn everything.  Nothing is going to be held back from you.  Once you understand how men really think, you will then be able to develop the type of happy and healthy relationship that you want.


Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly has been married for 15 years and has 3 young children. One of three brothers, he knows guys because they were always the majority around him growing up. Although a daughter is challenging his collected wisdom, two sons keep reminding him just how boys operate. His varied career has swung from being a house husband, working in finance and management and serving as a relationship counselor. He has conducted weddings, tried to help glue some back together, and managed to maintain his own throughout.

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